Keeping Well This Winter

There are many different ways to keep well this wintertime. Here are some ideas that people have shared with us:

  • I like to get cosy on the couch and read one of my favourite books.
  • I make sure I leave the house every day – even if the weather is awful!
  • I make sure to call or send a message to the important people in my life. Just a wee message to check in with them or to say I’m thinking about them.
  • If I catch myself feeling low for a few days, I will reach out to someone close to me or try and find online resources to help boost my wellbeing.
  • I make sure to participate in activities I enjoy; going to gigs, walks with friends, playing games and watching bad Christmas films
  • I take the time for self-care such as having a long bath, making my favourite meal or taking some time to journal.

We’d love to hear what helps you to keep well during the winter. Share your ideas with us on social media using the hashtag #WestSpace or by emailing us at

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Improve your wellbeing

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