Anna’s Top 3 Tips for Enjoying Winter

While I love winter, I can struggle with the short days and lack of sunlight that it brings. Come the end of January, I’m always desperate for some signs of spring. So I like to make sure I have small, easy things to help me get through the winter months more joyfully.

Get Outside Whenever You Can

My mental health can dip when I don’t get outside for a while, so I make it a priority to go for a walk every day, even for just a short time. Sometimes I have to force myself to go out, but I never regret it.

Some of my favourite places to walk are:

  • Along the Water of Leith
  • Up a snowy Arthurs Seat
  • Through the city centre at night, to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations

Allow yourself to hibernate

I try not to feel guilty about spending more time in hibernation mode. As the days are becoming increasingly shorter and darker, it’s only natural to want to spend more time resting. Don’t fight it!

I embrace it by:

  • Going to bed early, with a hot water bottle or a hot drink and a good book
  • Taking a nap at the weekend and not feeling bad about it
  • Adding new shows and movies to my watchlist to watch with friends

Treat Yourself to Some Winter Luxuries

I like to treat myself to some little luxuries that help me to enjoy winter more by giving me a little dopamine boost.

Some luxuries I spend on are:

  • A hot chocolate from the Christmas Market
  • Going to the cinema to watch a film
  • Cooking for friends and family and having a night in

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