West Space launch (16 June 2021)

16 June 2021

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West Space is an online place containing local information about mental health and wellbeing services, events, news and self-help materials for all adults in West Lothian. 

We’ve developed the website in partnership with West Lothian’s Health and Social Care Partnership.

Julie Huggan, Online Information Development Worker at Health in Mind, said:

‘An essential part of redeveloping West Space has been collaborating with people in West Lothian. By working together, we have created an engaging, easy to use website that has a wide range of resources that can support people living and working across West Lothian.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing and with our focus this week on talking about loneliness and wellbeing it felt like the perfect time to launch this vital resource.

It’s so important that people are able to access trusted information and know where to go for support with their wellbeing. West Space is West Lothian’s new local one-stop-shop for mental health and wellbeing.’

Fiona Wilson, Head of Health, West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership said:

‘The West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership have worked closely with Health in Mind to support the development of the new revised West Space site. We are calling on everyone to have a look at the site, share the link and pass the information as far and wide as they can within West Lothian. Both the new service directory and self-management resources can play a huge part in supporting someone actively seeking to address concerns with their mental health.’

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