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28 February 2022

Closing Date: 30th March 2022
Role: Unpaid; Expenses: Paid

Handicabs Lothian (HcL) is looking for new Trustees to join their Board, they are particularly interested in volunteers with relevant experience in Community/PSV Transport Legislation, Human Resources, and Business Development. As a Trustee, you will serve on the Board and help HcL support the Governance and management of the charity to deliver its new 5-year strategy.

HcL provides travel solutions for people across the Lothians who have limited mobility. They provide much more than door-to-door transport through their fleet of vehicles and trained drivers, but a door-through-door service, assisting passengers, as needed, at the start and end of their journeys.

Their funds come from the 4 Lothian Councils; fares income; donations; Transport Scotland; and local and national funders and trusts. All of their support has had such a positive impact and throughout COVID-19, they have been able to continue delivering services and adapting their support to the current circumstances.

Experience Required:

  • Commitment to the values of HcL
  • Relevant experience in transport across the UK, human resources and, the legal framework which HcL work to
  • Support with scrutinising and approving papers, support risk management and be able to use their expertise to support the new five 5-year strategy for HcL

What can HcL offer you?

Becoming a trustee is a fantastic and fascinating way to engage in the charity sector. It is a role that will give back just as much as you put in and often much, much more. Though often challenging, trusteeship will reward the adventurous and ambitious with a wealth of personal and professional skills which are valuable for both work and personal life whilst empowering you with a new sense of contribution in the pursuit of a wider purpose. You do not need previous trustee or senior charity staff experience to become a trustee and all new trustees will be offered a full package of training and induction.

There is no doubt that being a trustee is one of the powerful ways in which you can contribute to your local community or to a cause you really care about. As a trustee at HcL, you will play an integral part in shaping our sector and in ensuring that HcL adheres closely to its 5-year strategy in the interests of its beneficiaries, supporting members to provide accessible and inclusive transport to the community. This is an opportunity to bring your experience insight on the unique issues facing community transport organisations in the Lothians area to the fore.

Being a trustee can be a very interesting experience, not least because it allows you to adapt your experience into an entirely new context. Through trusteeship, you can gain a clearer idea of your own professional strengths and weaknesses whilst simultaneously learning altogether new skills. Understanding how to adapt your professional knowledge to useful ends within a charity is a good reminder of your own versatility, giving you confidence in your existing abilities whilst challenging you to push the boundaries of your expertise.

As a trustee at HcL, you are part of a team and will have the opportunity to apply your unique skills and experience while learning from others. Working closely with a passionate team of people who have different perspectives is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of the role. The ability to collaborate effectively with others, to challenge constructively the ideas of trustees’ colleagues as well as those of the CEO and Senior Leadership Team is essential to ensuring the Board’s strategic decisions are scrutinised and tested before being implemented. Negotiating, empathising, listening, and clearly communicating ideas and concerns are huge factors in this process and often help to set the tone and culture of Board meetings.

Becoming a Trustee is a fantastic and fascinating way to engage in the charity sector. It is a role which will give back just as much as you put in and often much, much more.

Previous Board or charity experience is not necessary – full training will be provided, and you will be partnered with a mentor who will provide you with support and guidance in your trustee appointment, diversity of thought and lived experience is also important to HcL’s mission.

The time you’ll need to dedicate is equivalent to one day a month, which comprises of four board meetings a year (meetings can either be attended in person at their Admin and Registered Office or by Zoom) plus any necessary time to prepare, occasional contact in between meetings to attend to issues.

Expenses are available to cover travel and any support that is required for childcare/care of any dependents. Reasonable adjustments can be discussed if required.

Members of the Executive are elected annually by and from the members of HcL and hold office until the conclusion of the following Annual General Meeting. Members are eligible for re-election provided that they are eligible as per Articles 117.1, 117.2, and 117.3 of their Articles of Association.

It is important HcL represents the diversity of thought, lived experience, and wide social economics through their Board to impact their decision making. They welcome applications from every community and are particularly encouraging of applicants from minority ethnic groups and/or disabled people. HcL will not discriminate, ensuring that each candidate is assessed only in accordance with their ability to perform the role.

They are also keen to attract a new mix of skills so we are open to Trustees being based anywhere in the UK.

For a chat about the role and nomination process, please contact Kevin Cochrane, Cheif Executive:

You will be asked for a CV or a biography. The next step would be a meeting with the Chief Executive and Chairperson to discuss your interest in the position and what you can contribute. Following that, if both parties wish to proceed, a nomination would go forward to the board to consider at their next meeting. Trustees co-opted by the board would also go forward to the next AGM for election by HcL Members

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