The Voice Conversation Café

21 July 2023

Date: Thursday 27 July 20223
Time: 12.15 pm – 3 pm
Location: St Marys Church Hall, Livery Street, Bathgate
Price: Free event

West Lothian Mental Health Forum run The Voice which is a collective group for individuals with lived/living experience of addiction.

As a reference group for the National Collaborative The Voice, they will be holding a conversation café on Thursday 27th July 12.15pm – 3pm at St Marys Church Hall, Livery Street Bathgate.

This event will be part of the National Collaborative Call For Evidence on people’s experience of substance use and human rights. The Conversation Cafe will focus on a discussion about ‘The Right to Participation’ and how people affected by substance should be supported to have their views heard and taken into account in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of laws, policies and practices relating to substance use.

The findings from these discussions will then be fed back to the National Collaborative and used to inform and shape a Charter of Rights which will practically apply the rights within the new Human Rights Bill.

This is a great opportunity for people to express their views and really have their voice heard. Members will also have the chance to hear back from the National Collaborative about how their views have been used.

If anyone is coming along could they, or you on their behalf, register their interest with us so we are able to cater for tea/coffee etc. Please contact or 01506 857230.

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