Suicide research programme seeking perspectives

07 July 2022

Suicide Cultures is a Wellcome Trust funded research programme which aims to explore how suicide is experienced and what suicide means to diverse communities across Scotland and its Islands.

The project is interested in:

  • The way in which social contexts affect how suicide is understood, and how it is practised.
  • The role of culture in shaping the meanings suicide has, and the impact this might have on different communities across Scotland.

This research programme would like to include a range of different perspectives from people who have experienced or are experiencing suicidality; people who have been bereaved by suicide; and people who work with those who have experienced or are experiencing suicidality.

The research will be engaging with people in a range of different ways, including through ethnography, interviews and creative methods (photovoice, walking interviews and mapping).

For more information, please visit their website here:

You can also email: or phone: 07799 874261

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