West Space Virtual Launch – How do you keep well?

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Thank you to everyone who attended the West Space Virtual Launch and for sharing all the amazing ways that you keep well:

“I couldn’t concentrate on a whole class on zoom so started with 15 mins yoga every morning – I can’t get through the day without it now”

“Joanne Faulkner at shiatsu and conscious cooking has this very easy to do tai chi and self-massage, half an hour of easy stuff and cheap as chips. It kept me going over lockdown as a non-exercise class person”

“I started with baking during the first lockdown, discovered I can actually bake… then I taught myself to crochet from youtube and can’t stop 🙂 looking forward to meeting friends face-to-face to teach them now”

“Started back up with rainbows and we have planted sunflowers so been great to see girls face to face”

“I’ve done some salsa online that got me moving”

“A sleep stories podcast called …Nothing Much Happens is great! its brain training for sleep”


“Walking the dog”

“I’ve been going out for walks a lot more, for my own mental health, and we take our young kids out for nature walks. There is an amazing app that I highly recommend called “Seek” – you aim your camera at some flora or fauna that you see, and it identifies exactly what it is.”

“Wild swimming”


“H.I.T. classes for me”

“I learnt yoga and I love hugging my granddaughter”

“I love walking to keep well”


“Keeping in touch with friends”

“Run 5-10 k 5 days a week”

“Outdoor fitness class Burn It Fitness great class and we have kept each other going”

“Spending time with family and friends, getting out every day for a walk and audiobooks”

“3D gem painting and walking”

“Keeping in touch with friends and family in any way we can, whether that be in person or online”

“I have started listening to podcasts.  Some true crime and some comedians.  Love just putting my headphones on and going for a long walk with the dog”

“Couch to 5k app”

“Fluid art – creativity for the creatively challenged!”

“Get dressed up even if there is nowhere to go!”

“Going out for evening walks with my headphones on, listening to funny podcasts and zoning out of work/parenthood mode for an hour or so”

“Gardening and the Plantnet app has been a saviour helping me to identify plants in the garden”

“Reading helps me switch off also online jigsaws and online colouring in”


“Walking the dog, boot camp, yoga online, Couch 2 5K, Unique You workshops”


“Gardening, dancing, cooking, spending time with my family”

“Walking my 4 logged friends, looking for wildlife, Bats, Owls and even mummy deer with 2 fawns today at lunchtime”

“I use the Headspace app, it does have a cost but I very much enjoy Andy’s voice”

“Love being out on my bike”

“Living Room Disco on Saturdays with the kids. In winter especially when it got dark quickly – curtains drawn, lights off, disco lights on, maybe a sneaky drink, some snacks and loud music to dance to. If nothing else, it was a great way to get a 5yo and 2yo to tidy the living room floor so that they have enough space to dance to Prince!”

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