West Lothian’s Women’s Aid

West Lothian Women’s Aid is a registered charity offering support, safe accommodation, and a variety of ongoing services to aid safety and recovery for women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. We reached out to Kat from the charity to hear about the fantastic work they do and how they keep themselves well.

At West Lothian’s Women’s Aid we work in partnership with local organisations including West Lothian Council and Police Scotland to assist women and children in need of support, safe-guarding and/or refuge in any way we can.

Alongside our safe accommodation, we also offer specialised counselling, group work encouraging recovery and education, outreach and follow-on services, support, safety advice, and specialised children and young person services. We are based in West Lothian but support a vast number of women and children from all over.

Each day we get to help and support vulnerable women and children during some of the hardest days of their lives; we feel it an immense privilege to play a small part in keeping our clients safe, secure and supported throughout their journey towards recovery. We are always keen to grow and expand our services and provide the best we can for our clients. Watching women and children move through their journey to a place where they feel more confident, assured within themselves and hopeful for the future is always a huge advantage to our work and keeps the passion alive.  

Working with and supporting women and children experiencing domestic abuse can be distressing and challenging on all staff. We are a small, female only team who maintain close working relations and encourage and motivate one another through regular check-ins, management support and by simply sharing and listening to one another and offering much needed support. We regularly meet as a team to discuss our own stresses, worries and challenges. We organise activities to allow the team to relax and maintain a level of self-care; something which we hugely encourage for staff and clients alike. 

Do you live and/or work in West Lothian and want to share your own experiences of mental health and wellbeing and the different ways keep you well?

If you would like us to share your story, please email westspace@health-in-mind.org.uk

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