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Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are encouraging phrases or statements which can counteract unhelpful thoughts.

They can help motivate you when you’re feeling stuck or finding it difficult to get started with something. They can also help to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

It’s easy to start using positive affirmations – pick a statement that works for you and repeat it to yourself. This can be out loud or in your head.

If you are struggling with unhelpful thoughts and feeling low, you could say:

“I am good enough”

“I deserve good things to happen to me”

“I deserve to be happy”

Ideas and resources

Here are some resources to help inspire you own positive affirmations

Negative Thoughts Affirmations from Motivation Ping

Positive Daily Affirmation: Is there science behind it? from Positive Psychology

72 Positive Affirmation for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fear and Panic from Positive Affirmation Centre

20 calming and positive affirmations for when an anxiety attack strikes from Collective Evolution

Daily positive affirmations from Habit Change

An open journal full of notes with the words "positive affirmations"

Positive affirmation cards

If you find that writing down your positive affirmations is helpful, or you want to carry them around with you throughout your day, why not make your positive affirmation cards?

All you need is a piece of paper or notecard, scissors and a pen. Affirmation cards are pieces of paper about the size of a credit card that you can pop into your wallet, bag, or pocket that can be useful as a little reminder when you’re on the move.

Inspired by a session on positive affirmations delivered by Health in Mind, someone produced this amazing piece of art with all their personal affirmations!

Get in touch!

We would love to share your positive affirmations and how they have helped different situations in your life. Submit your positive affirmations by emailing us at westspace@health-in-mind.org.uk.

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