We have all felt anger at some point. Sometimes it can be expressed in negative ways which can cause difficulties in your day-to-day life and impact the people around you.

Here you can find factsheets, tips and information, worksheets, apps, podcasts, videos and organisations which can help you better understand and reduce any unhelpful moments of anger you might be experiencing.   

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These factsheets will help you understand what causes difficulties with anger and how to improve it.

‘Why am I so angry?’ factsheet from NHS Inform

Factsheet on anger from Mind

Factsheet on anger and young people from Young Minds

Tips and information

Here you will find tips and information to help manage and control your anger.

A guide on how to control your anger from NHS Inform

Information and exercises on anger from Get Self-help

Blogpost on anger and mental health difficulties from British Association on Anger Management

11 anger management strategies to help you calm down from Verywell Mind

Anger management exercises from Healthline

10 stress busters from NHS inform

‘Cool down’ – a guide on how to deal with anger from the Mental Health Foundation

Relaxation exercises can help you manage your anger. Go to our page on relaxation to learn more.


Here are some worksheets and activities you can try in your own time.

Anger management worksheets from Psychology Tools

Worksheets on anger from Therapist Aid

Organisations and services

Here is a list of UK wide organisations related to anger:

The British Association for Anger Management

If you are looking for local support, please go to our service directory to find out what services and projects are available to you – West Space service directory

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