Parent’s and Substance Misuse

Living with a parent or carer who uses drugs or alcohol, and the effects that has on your wellbeing, can be tough. But you don’t have to deal with it alone – support is always available.   

Here, you’ll discover simple guides, helpful tips, and info, along with organisations and services that can help you understand substance abuse, learn about its impact on your mental health, and explore ways to boost your wellbeing. 

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This factsheet from Childline will help you understand more about what substance misuse is, how to cope and what to do in an emergency. 

Parents and Drugs from Childline


Tips and information

Here are some different tips and ideas you can use to look after your wellbeing

Substance misuse from The Children’s Society

Alcohol and other drug misuse from Barnardos

Helping someone with drug and alcohol problems from Mind

Coping When a Parent Has an Alcohol or Drug Problem from KidsHealth

Parents with substance use problems from NSPCC

Drugs and alcohol from Young Minds

Children of Addicted Parents from Action Addiction

Organisations and services

Here is a list of UK wide organisations who can help.



The Mix

Drink Aware


Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

If your parent/carer is looking for support, check out our resources on addiction and recovery.

If you are looking for support in your area, please go to our service directory to find out what services and projects are available to you.

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Improve your wellbeing

If you’re experiencing low mood, anxiety, or stress in your life, looking into self-help activities and ideas might be the right option for you.