New hub for West Lothian youth at 101

29 November 2023

101 Youth Project will provide a dedicated place for those aged 13 and over, with the former retail unit re purposed into a vibrant hub for youth activities and services.

The ambitious project has seen a range of teams from across West Lothian Council work in partnership with public and private sector organisations to help deliver the unit, including: The Centre, Livingston; Mitie; MPACT; and NHS Lothian.

Young people have been actively involved in the design of the unit from the outset, helping decide on the facility, design, layout, content as well as potential activities/usage. A Young People’s Board is planned to ensure young people’s voices continue to be heard and involved in decision-making in the future.

West Lothian Council’s Depute Chief Executive, Dr Elaine Cook said: “This is the first time that a project of this nature and magnitude with a specific focus on young people has been developed in West Lothian.

“The unique project involved a range of partners with some services and resources secured through community benefits, so special thanks to The Centre, Livingston, Mitie, MPACT and NHS Lothian for their support in making this happen.

“I’m confident that 101 Youth Project will make a real positive impact on the lives of local young people, as we aim to make sure they have access to the best possible opportunities going forward.” 

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