My one thousand paper cranes

From local resident Julie

Knowing my love and need for mindful activity to support my mental wellbeing, my parents bought me a book on origami. It is a small square book, the first half filled with step-by-step instructions on how to fold some truly intricate shapes; stars, flowers, boxes, and butterflies. The other half filled with page after page of beautiful, colourful, swirling patterns. Each sheet scored with a perforated line to allow the page to be gently taken out: pulled with that soul-satisfying ripping sound.

And so began my journey to fold one thousand paper cranes.

On my recovery journey, I have wished for many things; an end to the sadness and the anxiety, a return to my old self with joy and happiness.

An ancient Japanese legend promises that the gods will grant anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes a wish.

But guess what…

I may not fold one thousand paper cranes, but with each fold I make, I gain a moment’s calm, peace, mindfulness, and a glimmer of understanding that with regular moments like these, I may not need that wish granted after all.

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