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Being neurodivergent means that a person’s brain works differently than what is considered typical or normal  and sometimes it can be tough to fit into a world that doesn’t understand us well. Seeing the world in a different way can have a big impact on a person’s mental health, and lead to feelings of low self-worth, social isolation, anxiety, depression, and stress.  

Here you can find factsheets, tips and information, organisations, apps, podcasts, and services available in West Lothian, which can help you better understand the challenges neurodiverse people face and ways you can help and support yourself and others.  

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For young people

General Support and information

An extensive range of resources can be found on CAMHS website

A guide from National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to help to understand what to expect from the autism assessment process and what should happen if an autism diagnosis is confirmed

NHS website ‘Every Mind Matters’ provides various resources to improve mental wellbeing as well as resources for carers

Solihull provides access to free online courses for parents and young people using the access code ‘TARTAN’

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre has resource guides, real life stories and lived experiences, and advocacy support for young people.

Cambridgeshire community services NHS trust have developed a Diagnosis Support Pack (DSP), while this is designed for those with a diagnosis it does have a variety of helpful information for young people and families while you wait for assessment and can be translated online into different languages as well as easy-read formats

Young Minds Charity provides information about emotional wellbeing, and can provide guidance about finding support

Royal College of Psychiatrists has information about parenting, young people’s mental health, and includes weblinks, book references and advice

National Autistic Society provides a variety of advice and guidance

Branch Out Together was formerly the Lothian Autistic Society and provides social activities and events.

Embrace Autism is a place to find research & experience-based autism content for personal elucidation & empowerment. By autistic people, for autistic people.

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for autistic children and young people. We stand with autistic children, young people and their families to champion rights, campaign for change and create opportunities.

MIND provides information and tips about living with ADHD


Sleep Scotland is a Scotland-based Charity promoting sleep hygiene

NHS Every Mind Matters is an NHS Health Information Website with info about sleep

The Teen Sleep Hub – Getting the support you need to achieve a good night’s sleep

Anxiety and mental health

Advice on various mental health topics from the National Autistic Society

Free online courses and worksheets covering low mood, stress and resilience from LLTTF

Sensory differences

NHS GGC offer a range of online resources to help support children’s independent living skills, including information about sensory processing differences and strategies to try.

Dealing with uncertainty and change
Mentoring & Skills development

Canongate Youth have a variety of groups which one can access without a referral, they provide support for children and young people who face barriers and challenges

Move on match volunteer mentors to vulnerable young people aged 14-25 to support them to achieve goals and reach their full potential

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) support pupils, parents and teachers with a comprehensive range of career information advice and guidance (CIAG) services

For Parents and Teachers

General information and support

Edinburgh Psychoeducation Intervention for Children (EPIC) provide leaflets on the typical strengths and challenges of neurodivergent children aimed at both parents and teachers. They also offer a more detailed booklet covering some practical strategy ideas.

The National Autism Implementation Team (NAIT) are a practitioner researcher partnership who are based at Queen Margaret University. They have parent information sheets to support children’s communication, eating and drinking, autistic masking, and anxiety related attendance.

‘TASSK’ (Tools and Strategies to Support Kids) is a pre-recorded online workshop which covers emotional regulation, attention, transitions, sensory difficulties, relationships, structure and routine

Edinburgh Council offers a range of parenting programmes which are self-referral based and free for parents and carers with children living or attending school in Edinburgh

Family Lives is a charity providing advice, web links, helplines and videos for parents

If you are looking for local support, please go to our service directory to find out what services and projects are available to you – West Space service directory

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