In November, Action for Happiness is encouraging you to try something new. Trying out activities or learning something new can help us feel more confident, grow our self-esteem and it can be fun! Keep learning is also one of the five ways to wellbeing.

Check out its New Ways November calendar below for daily ideas:

Day 1 Monday
Make a list of new things you want to do this month

Day 2 Tuesday
Respond to a difficult situation in a different way

Day 3 Wednesday
Get outside and observe the changes in nature around you

Day 4 Thursday
Sign up to join a new course, activity or online community

Day 5 Friday
Change your normal routine today and notice how you feel

Day 6 Saturday
Try out a new way of being physically active

Day 7 Sunday
Be creative. Cook, draw, write, paint, make or inspire

Day 8 Monday
Plan a new activity or idea you want to try out this week

Day 9 Tuesday
When you feel you can’t do something, add the word “yet”

Day 10 Wednesday
Be curious. Learn about a new topic or an inspiring idea

Day 11 Thursday
Choose a different route and see what you notice on the way

Day 12 Friday
Find out something new about someone you care about

Day 13 Saturday
Do something playful outdoors – walk, run, explore, relax

Day 14 Sunday
Find a new way to help or support a cause you care about

Day 15 Monday
Build on new ideas by thinking “Yes, and what if… ”

Day 16 Tuesday
Look at life through someone else’s eyes and see their perspective

Day 17 Wednesday
Try a new way to practice self-care and be kind to yourself

Day 18 Thursday
Connect with someone from a different generation

Day 19 Friday
Broaden your perspective: read a different paper, magazine or site

Day 20 Saturday
Make a meal using a recipe or ingredient you’ve not tried before

Day 21 Sunday
Learn a new skill from a friend or share one of yours with them

Day 22 Monday
Find a new way to tell someone you appreciate them

Day 23 Tuesday
Set aside a regular time to pursue an activity you love

Day 24 Wednesday
Share with a friend something helpful you learned recently

Day 25 Thursday
Use one of your strengths in a new or creative way

Day 26 Friday
Try out a different radio station or new TV show

Day 27 Saturday
Join a friend doing their hobby and find out why they love it

Day 28 Sunday
Discover your artistic side. Design a friendly greeting card

Day 29 Monday
Enjoy new music today. Play, sing, dance or listen

Day 30 Tuesday
Look for new reasons to be hopeful, even in tough times